Welcome to the world of Lomography in Times Square Seoul during 11 days!

Did you submit some amusement park analogue photos in last competition? or do you want to leave your unforgettable moment with family, lover and friend on film cameras? Plus, are you waiting special Lomographic workshop? Then just visit Times Square Seoul starting from this Saturday!

Lomography in Times Square Seoul

  • Date: April 30 to May 10, 2011
  • Lieu: Times Square of Seoul (main Atrium 1F)
  • Special Lomowall exhibition
    Do you remember an Korean and int’l competition of an amusement park that had been submitted around 1,800 analogue photos within such as short time? We made a special 10 meters Lomowall with your fantastic analogue shots for this event! This handmade Lomowal artwork will be exhibited starting from this Saturday in biggest shopping mall of Korea, Times Square. We really appreciate you for sharing your unforgettable moment from all across the world.
  • Special Picture service
    Want to leave your unforgettable moment in front of fabulous Lomowall and amusement park in Times Square? Lomography staffs will shoot you with Lomographic cameras and give you this real analogue picture at the very day! Just let loose in front of it or take one of our big carry-on cameras of LC-A+, Lubitel 166+, Diana F+ and Sprocket Rocket and just smile! Your very special moment in Time Square remains onto 35mm and 120film of Lomograpic camera. We’re sure you’ll love it a lot and will discover charming analogue taste.
  • Special Lomographic workshops
    We’re preparing 2 special workshops that would your first analogue taster of Lomography and would be ultimate chance to leave the digital grind behind at Times Square next to beautiful Lomowall. If you wish participate in these workshops just tell staffs in Lomography booth.
  • 1. DIY Analogue Love card workshop: May 5
    Time you can prepare lovely card for upcoming Parent’s Day with Lomography! Chosse your favorite Lomographs on the table, stick it on a card and leave lovely message to your parents. Lomography staff will send your Analogue Love cards with real stamp via post office.
  • 2. Double Exposures with Lomography’s 10 Prophecies: May 8
    An expert Lomographer will show you how to use Lomographic cameras, what are the 10 prophecies and everything you need to know about Lomography including one of the funny shooting tips, Double exposure! All participants can of course double shoot simply with an expert Lomographer in Times Square and can learn by heart 10 prophecies through this workshop. Let’s wake up your sleeping creativity and see together the analogue future of the Lomography with us! (Rent Lomographic cameras for this event for free)

Welcome to the world of Lomography in Times Square during 11 days!

Analogue photos of Times Square Seoul with Korean smile will follow next week :)

The Future is Analogue!

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