Review: Lomography Sprocket Rocket

It has the coolest name for a camera, and the Sprocket Rocket fully deserved every single bit of it.

The Sprocket Rocket is actually my very first Lomographic camera. After 3 years plus of shooting with my DSLR, I’ve been bitten by the analogue bug and I felt like a kid again while choosing for a film camera.

I wanted something that can shoot sprocket holes as they just looked amazingly vintage, but at the same time I didn’t want to try the popular ones like Diana and LC-A. They are great cameras but I would like a camera that can shoot unusual picture format. And then I saw the Sprocket Rocket being featured on a magazine. The sample photos are fantastic and the design is so cool as well, which are enough to convince me to purchase it.

I used a Kodak ColorPlus 200 as my first film test because it is relatively cheap and because I needed to know what to expect – I were to bring this camera on a trip to Krabi, Thailand in a week’s time! I tried the different settings (not a lot, but mostly on the bulb setting) just to know how the camera reacts to different brightness. The photos turned out okay, some are blurred but the sprocket holes and wide format really made my day.

Then I brought the camera to Krabi and this time I used the Lomography CN800 film for the entire trip. I knew that the camera was optimized for ISO400 films, and was expecting over exposed pictures due to the sunny condition there. But I was surprised – some turned out underexposed, and all of them with a blueish tint. However, it produced some great shots that goes well with the effect. On the other hand, the panoramic format is amazing for travel photography; and it has got a subtle fisheye-like effect on horizons which I absolutely loved!

I also tried it with the Lomography Redscale XR film as well, but it didn’t turn out as great because we can’t adjust the ISO setting in the Sprocket Rocket. It also yielded very strong contrast, areas under the shade turned completely dark.

But the one thing that the Sprocket Rocket NEVER goes wrong – is when shooting group shots with friends. The panoramic feature fits everybody comfortably, and when paired with a flash unit (I used the Color Splash Flash) this camera is almost unbeatable for party or event shots!

In short, this is an amazing camera. I’ve been trying different films to see which one actually pairs the best with the Sprocket Rocket, but no matter what effect came out, the sprocket holes and the panoramic format made even the most mundane shots special. This camera is a true magician!

written by shuttersentinel17 on 2011-06-01 #gear #review #more-than-just-sprocket-holes-and-panoramas

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