Lomo Hike – Shing Mun Country Park

Amidst the hustle and bustle of this city, there is a peaceful and quiet hill park. Shing Mun Country Park is one such easily accessible location.

Shing Mun Country Park is located in northeastern Kowloon, spanning an area of 1400 hectare. It extends from Lead Mine Pass in the north, to the Shing Mun catchwater road in the south, and from Tai Mo Shan in the west to Grassy Hill and Needle Hill in the east. Building the Shing Mun Reservoir started in 1923 and was completed in 1936. The reservoir has a capacity of 3 billion gallons and was the largest reservoir in the then British Empire (Awesome!).

In a concrete jungle such as Hong Kong, you can discover another side of the city in the countryside. You can enjoy the fresh air, serenity, and appreciate the flora and fauna. There are no convenience stores in the park, therefore, please prepare your own picnic basket. If you had really forgotten about it, you can still grab some stuff from a food store located at the park’s entrance.

Admission to Shing Mun Country Park is free of charge.

From Tsuen Wan Shiu Wo Street, take minibus 82 to Pineapple Dam of Shing Mun Reservoir Terminus or take 40X、46X、47X、48X、73X、278X bus, alight at Wo Yi Hop Road and then walk along Shing Mun Road for thirty minutes to reach the Pineapple Dam.

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