Your Hand: The always-ready mask / splitzer for double exposures

Ever wanted to double or multi-expose your shoot but left your mask or splitzer somewhere else? Now here a quick tip about the cheapest (virtually zero-cost!) way to deal with the situation.

Your hand is one of the most precious part for making photographs (not to forget your eyes, brain, heart, and soul of course). The trustworthy hand is always there, what’s more it has a function that may surprise you!

You can use your hand(s) as temporary mask or splitzer in front of the lens. I made the photos below using my left hand (I’m right-handed and in both photos were handheld).

Credits: mythguy9

The sunshine was shoot first, with a backlit grass patch at the lower half of the frame. Then I cover the lighter upper half with my hand, and expose the underexposed the lower half with the bench.

Credits: mythguy9

I wanted to expose both wheels close to one another, but my “leftover” finger is still visible in the picture.

So the hand-aided multi-exposure is kinda unpredictable, because most of us are framing with the viewfinder (unlike SLR which you see what the camera actually sees). But a bit of guesstimation never lose its element of surprise!

written by mythguy9 on 2011-06-15 #gear #tutorials #camera #hand #mask #multiple-exposure #tipster #cheap #double-exposure #masking #quickie-tipster

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