LomoMatrix - Bloggers Meeting in Taiwan

When Lomography finds a tribe of bloggers devoted to life and photography, who knows what kind of sparks will ignite?

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A slight breeze and a soft drizzle had floated in on that early spring afternoon. Within the massive cloud of tourists at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, what appeared as an amorphous stream of people moving together in line was really a secret gathering getting ready to unleash a 360-degree photographic whirlwind!

I still remember going outside that day. A very fine rain fell from the sky. Maybe this secret gathering had piqued the interest of somebody up in the heavens, because soon after we arrived at our destination the rain stopped. Even better, the sun had hid demurely behind a thick stack of clouds and, like a coquette, would beam its face out now and again.

In such wonderful moments of atmospheric harmony, everybody tends to become less self-conscious and less worried about the conventionalities of being an adult. We all got comfortable and sat in a big circle. Everyone in the circle started to get ready, because it was time to unleash the LomoMatrix! Each of us pulled out an LC-A+, a most essential and most deadly weapon. In such a large venue, this throng of people, each brandishing an LC-A+, must have been a sight to behold.

The whole event started with Annon setting the stage with the first act. Whether it was one person flying solo, a tag-team performance, or a three-person comedy outfit, everybody got to join in and have a good time. Arms and legs were thrust forth in flashes! Individuals would suddenly rush together to form impromptu and wild mass gesticulations! Performers alternated amidst the intermittent sound of laughter, which kept the whole show nice and lively.

This fit of frivolity and convulsions was accompanied by a regular blinking of camera shutters and the sound of winding film. The group of bloggers who accepted this task of performing was recorded in a wonderful short video, which will appear before you by merely clicking on the “Play” button below!

Thanks to all the bloggers and the behind-the-scenes film editors for participating!

Jennifer Su

written by fresa on 2011-06-25 #news #event #taiwan #lca #taipei #news #lomomatrix #sun-yat-sen-memorial-hall #blogger-meeting # #lomography-magazine
translated by xiaowen

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