My Favorite Spot to Get Some Sun: Tavira Island (Part One)


An island located in the Algarve region, it may not be paradise but it is close enough.

Tavira Island is located in Algarve, Portugal and it’s almost heaven on earth. It is a relatively small island where you can have lots of sun and fun. You can only access the island by boat, this means no cars, no traffic, and no confusion, Tavira also means no concrete, no tarmac and no skyscrapers, the only things that you can count are excellent weather, perfect warm sea, and clean white sands.

There are some houses – just a few, and you can rent them but it is very hard. They are very expensive and very hard to book. The best thing to do is to grab your tent and camp in its fabulous camping sites, just be sure that you book it with some months of anticipation, in the summer it is usually packed.

This island has great restaurants where you can eat delicious regional food and good wine or fast food, it also has many bars where you can party or relax. It’s up to you to choose what you want to do. Don’t like parties? No sweat, this island isn’t just for party people, you can also rest and spend some quiet vacations with your children and/or family, all the parties occur in the bars’ area, the rest of the island is quiet. It also has many activities for kids and adults, you will never get bored.

This island is also perfect for those who like the beach and party, especially for those who like both at the same time, the parties start in the middle of the afternoon and they only end in the morning, you can count concerts, DJ sets and lots of activities all day and all night. You can meet really interesting people or even fall in love, the island is full of young people thirsty for music, sun and fun, the hot night and permanent contact with the sand and nature will definitely open your appetite.

I guarantee that you will always have your feet in the sand all the time, the whole island is covered by beach sand. You can forget about shoes, jeans, and even your T-shirt, all you need is a pair of flip-flops, your swimming trunks/bikini, sun protector (this is a priority, the sun is REALLY hot and if you don’t protect yourself you can get seriously hurt) and party protection (you know what I mean don’t you?).

This place might not be paradise but it is damn close, I’m sure if you visit Tavira Island you will never want to leave.

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  1. catarella
    catarella ·

    Boliiiinhas!!! =) Muito bons o artigo, as fotos e a Ilha de Tavira, claro!

  2. bemdaponte
    bemdaponte ·

    Lindas fotos e que sol hein?! parabéns!

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