Taking It Outdoors: Longer Spring and Summer Daytimes

This is the first year we have had a proper garden as we have bought our home and are finally able to do nice things to it. I am so excited about this opportunity and am going to make the most of all the opportunities to shoot outdoors in the longer spring and summer daytimes.

Credits: fletchinski84

I am so excited to see the back of the dark winter days this year, not that I dislike the snow and cold weather, but because now that we have a house of our own we can do things to and in the garden and have already taken things outdoors for frolicking and shooting photos.

Credits: fletchinski84

During the winter, I tend to rely more on my trusty DSLR for both work/college projects and for fun stuff too. Although I like this camera, analogue and film are my real pleasures and the sun coming out means I can really start to enjoy them for at least the next 5 months. In the last 2 weeks my partner and I have visited more places than in our entire 7 years together because we want to see the world through a plastic lens (or multiple lenses!) and I am really grateful to lomography for that lust for life.

As I said above, with the start of spring I have been able to spend time in the back yard with our guinea pig more than we ever have done before, which really appeals to me as I love being outside. When we haven’t got time or money to go galavanting around Yorkshire, we just hang out with our BBQ, or do circus tricks in the entry way, or plant vegetables in our garden pots.

Credits: fletchinski84

All in all, I want to tell you all how pleased I am for the start of spring, and I hope that you too are making the most of your lomographic shooting opportunities outdoors!

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