Chasing Waterfalls


When you think of getting some tan and spending time under the sun, the first thing that comes to your mind is the BEACH. The taste of sea water, the waves of the ocean, sand under your feet…why not make waterfalls your alternative choice as a favorite spot to get some sun?

Iligan City in Mindanao is known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. It was just a short side trip to Iligan and the group’s primary goal was just to personally see Maria Cristina Falls. To our amazement, there is another falls located in Brgy. Linamon, a 20-min drive that can fit our schedule. The quest for another fall began.

Tinago is a Filipino term for “hidden”, the falls being hidden in a deep ravine. In order to reach the place one must be conditioned because it requires approximately 500 descending steps or else it will take you at least 15-min or more depending on your breaks just to go down the winding staircase. There were a lot of kids and locals who are more than kind and willing to help carry our bags and tour us around. The local government maintains the cleanliness of the place and assigns people to oversee and ensure tourists safety. Hence, minimal fees are collected afterward. In our case, it only cost us less than $3 per head for the entrance fee, table, and rental of life vests.

As we reached the basin-like pool area, we were at awe with the deep and calm blue water in front of us. We immediately occupied a table near the lagoon changed to our swimsuits. We were given life vests because the water is said to be 65-feet deep. Then, we jumped like kids and immersed into the cold water. The falls is high and underneath it is a small cave where people can enter and sit down to listen to the rumbles of the water.

If not for our tight schedule, we could have stayed longer. We had to allotted at least 20 minutes for us to go up the dreaded staircase. All our efforts paid off. The chase was successful. This is truly Iligan’s hidden wonder that must be revealed and shared to all. So the next time I’m asked to describe a favorite spot to get some sun…in a heartbeat, I will tell this story of how I fell in love with the hidden waterfalls.

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  1. nicx
    nicx ·

    I <3 waterfalls

  2. bluemie5
    bluemie5 ·

    I have started to like them now. and the chase for other waterfalls continues...

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