It's Morphin' Time!


As the name itself implies, SPLIT CAM is an image fusion technology. It lets you morph photos.

MORPH: Short for metamorphosing, morphing refers to an animation technique in which one image is gradually turned into another. Applying such definition in using this camera, it just states that in order to achieve the desired result, one must take two shots using the crosshairs in the viewfinder matching those covers with the blocking sliders below to achieve a perfect morph-ed picture.

I got interested with how it was promoted online as a great gag gift with tag lines. “Imagine your boss with a head of a donkey?” or “Your sister’s legs on your brother’s body?” With this camera, all crazy combinations are possible.

Sad to say, the pictures I’m sharing with you is my first and last roll using this camera. The instructions on how to use it was a bit tedious for me. This was among my first bought film cameras back in 2007. I was then happy and excited with the thought of multi exposures. You just have to be mindful of the usage of the dual-blind system when shooting or else it might produce prints with half black, just like what happened to me.

When you’re having a great time, chatting with friends or come across a beautiful scene (assuming you have other cameras on hand to capture the moment), believe me you’ll lose track of your crosshairs/lens-blockers then you’ll realize that moment is already gone. Or worse, you end up forwarding the film and wasting a shot. With this camera, its hard to apply the rule “don’t think, just shoot” because of its mechanisms. With my last shots as you have noticed, I just used it as an ordinary point and shoot camera, no more 2 clicks and no more sliding of the black covers.

In order to achieve that funny morphed effect, you really have to be lucky in measuring your subject/s into the frame. I had a few shots in the set that indeed made us laugh. Whats great about this camera is it came with a pretty good price, hard to resist in addition to your analogue collection. Mine was just bought online for $15 (yes, including shipping). With its cheap price, I can say this camera is worth your money (especially if you are patient). It can be used with any 35mm film and doesn’t use any batteries so its best to use outdoors preferably with 200 ISO or higher.

If you want to be challenged buy one because this camera entails great effort. But if you’re just after the double exposure feature…think twice and consider other cameras.

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  1. rtkenmore
    rtkenmore ·

    I've gotten some of the same ideas using the Splitzer for the Diana. I love the idea of taking two or three different scenes and juxtaposing them together. My favorite so far is using the Diana Instant Back so I can see my creations as soon as their done.

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