Creative Writing Inspired by a Photograph: The Wasp

I recently took this photo of the cute little vampire puppet and the caring wooden puppet. I wrote a short story based on the concept it depicted and decided to share it with you guys! And the concept… “evil creatures” are not as tough as they look; they need love too.

I don’t suffer from insomnia. Still last might I just couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was because of the intermittent mosquito buzz, or probably it was the hot dry air of my room that kept me up. Whatever the reason, it was certain that I stared at the ceiling the whole night; my only companion being the voice in my head singing repeatedly, obsessively even, one of Norah Jones’ songs. I didn’t even know the lyrics… but somehow my brain didn’t care.

I waited until I saw the sun. I got up. I was still in Constanta. Looked in the mirror: my eyes swollen; nothing a couple of ice cubes wouldn’t fix. Went to the fridge took them. Half an hour later I was in top shape, I couldn’t close my eyes. I couldn’t even blink. Good. But I couldn’t say the same when I went to my room. It was a dump. I couldn’t even see my desk. And I was wondering why I couldn’t sleep properly…

Hadn’t cleaned my room for an entire week so my “memories” were fresh, just the way I left them. There was the giant wasp under a jar on which was written: “Do NOT throw me away” message for my mom. It invaded my room two days ago. I was sitting relaxed in front of my computer talking to my friends. I was home alone like I am now. I screamed with fear and ran out of my room banging the door shut. After talking to my dad on the phone I followed his instructions: “Calm down. Take the bug spray. Open a little bit the door. Gas the bastard. It will die in a few minutes. If it comes towards you shut the door. It might be dangerous.” My dad was making fun of me. More than that he was laughing his head off. Good for him. He was not the one whose privacy was invaded.

It was only when I heard my friends desperately beeping me on yahoo messenger that my courage went up a few notches; took the spray and poisoned my enemy. In a few minutes it was lying down near my desk. It was almost dead like my father predicted. The next thing I did was to phone the entire family to let them know of my success: I killed a 10cm wasp all by myself. By the time I finished talking it was dead and it was looking not that harmful. I was surprised. It was smaller a lot smaller, 5 cm smaller and a lot more beautiful. That makes me think… Do I have problems seeing things? I should go check my eyes. It’s been years since I paid a visit to my ophthalmologist. Or is it all a mind game that helps us all to see things more clearly. For a person like myself it takes some kind of a shock to see things how they really are, to realise that people and even giant insects are not as tough as they look.

written by lucretia on 2011-06-11 #music #lifestyle #giant #puppets #photograph #short-story #wasp #inspired #creative-writing

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