Knaresborough - a great British day out


The lovely town of Knaresborough makes for a quintessentially British day out and has some spectacular views and plenty of things to keep even the most restless person entertained.

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Knaresborough in North Yorkshire is an old English market town 4 miles east of Harrogate. To say that it has some beautiful views is an understatement, I found many of the sights simply breathtaking. There are also a fair few landmarks in the town, many of which I will be returning to see at a later date, including the castle, a petrifying well and many cave dwellings. Interestingly, many of the buildings in the town are built from the castle stone:
“During the Civil War, following the Battle of Marston Moor in 1644, the castle was besieged by Parliamentary forces. The castle eventually fell and in 1646 an order was made by Parliament for its destruction (but not carried out ’til 1648). The destruction was mainly done by citizens looting the stone. The river Nidd runs through the town and this is an ideal location for hiring a row boat and seeing up the hill towards the town.” – Wikipedia

Credits: kneehigh85

The most amazing view is of the huge 1851 viaduct which runs at an enormous height of 78 feet, across a wide part of the river, it looks simply stunning from a distance and close up. It has been built for practical reasons obviously, but was specially designed to be in keeping with the style and character of the town. In my opinion it certainly achieves this aim and makes the town even more glorious than it already is.

Credits: kneehigh85

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