LomoPaparazzi First Edition Toronto Winner Announcement!

Meet Ashley Borlack and see her shots! The first LomoPaparazzi winner to get up-close and personal with Young Rival, try the shooting style of the Lomo LC-A+ and walk away with some cool swag courtesy of Lomography Canada and Jo Vos of Vos Factory.

Ashley’s LomoPaparazzi experience included two tickets to the show, meet and greet with band members, hard copies of their latest LP and plenty of photo opportunities with the band! Let’s hear what she had to say about the night!

I started off my night by picking up a Lomo LC-A+ camera and flash. I am a huge fan of Lomography and their cameras, with my favorite being the Diana F+. I then went to the Dakota where I met Jo Vos and Young Rival. Before they performed my friend and I got to speak and take pictures with them. When they went on stage I rushed to the front so I could take pictures. I was having so much fun shooting with this little camera, but I secretly wondered if anything would show up on the negative. I love using Lomography cameras because people always stop you and ask you what you are using. Either people think you are the coolest person ever or they think your nuts (because they think it is a toy).

I went to go pick up my Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 35mm film and noticed each pictures turned out (even though they messed up and sent the film through the wrong process). I couldn’t believe this little camera produced these images. I am still in shock that these pictures turned out because I was in a dark room and this camera is a little larger than my hand. I think my favoured Diana has some competition.

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