New Updates for our Submission Guidelines!


Thinking of submitting an article? Read up on our new and improved submission guidelines first so that your masterpiece gets published faster and with no hitches!

Credits: mandi

Since Lomography is a community driven site, we literally get hundreds of submissions everyday from the thousands of members. We’re still on our way in cataloguing a review of every analogue camera in existence, the rarest film emulsions, the most innovative Tipsters and the most breathtaking Locations.

For this, we need your help! To expedite the publication of the articles and submissions you guys have worked so hard on, please do take a brief moment to read up on these guidelines. The old ones were too long so we reworked everything to make it simpler and easier! Without further ado, we present to you, the Magazine’s new Submission Guidelines!

Credits: mandi

From the Magazine:

From the FAQ:

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  1. duckduckninja
    duckduckninja ·

    Just the minimum word count has dropped? Or other things have been changed?

  2. adrienne-is
    adrienne-is ·

    Hope this helps get two of my articles submitted centuries ago up online. (Icould use the piggies). I find the Location crew tends to get things done faster than any other section of the magazine. It seems to take the Lifestyle and Reviews folks a lot longer to publish. Are there more of these than any others being submitted?

  3. bulletofmine
    bulletofmine ·

    hi there, my article still not publish :(

  4. bluemie5
    bluemie5 ·

    Kudos to Ms. Abby Rebong of the Location crew for being so efficient in reviewing and sending notifications and updates for the submitted entries! Thank you! =))

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