Declarations of love notwithstanding ISO standards


Mixtapes are the better CD’s and strips of celluloid are the better declations of love.

You ask yourself what a cassette and a 35mm film have in common? The mixtape is the better CD and the 35mm film is the better declaration of love. The quote: “36 fotos tell more than 1000 words” doesn’t count anymore. Write everything down what’s on your mind and have to be told. And why not on a old or new strip of celluloid?

Roll it out like a red carpet and let your feeling loose. Write or draw what you want to say and what can’t wait until the next film processing. The film is full? Just rewind it like always, but be careful, don’t rewind it all the way. A little piece of strip has to peek out of the film just the way you do it with double exposures.

Now you put it in the foto bag of your sweetheart or with the help of a lanyard, which you get as a giveaway on every corner, clamp it on a set of keys.

written by analogkid on 2011-05-09 #gear #tutorials #film #diy #love #homemade #tipster #gift #anleitung #selbstgemacht #geschenk #basteln #analogkid #liebesbrief #bastelstunde #negativ #instruction #crafting
translated by susaba

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