An Introduction: Mary's Photo Diary Series


Mary Robinson is a young photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. She loves film very much and as a matter of fact, she will be sharing her visual diary with us very soon!

Credits: maryrobinson

Late last year, Mary Robinson was featured in one our lifestyle pieces entitled, Hail Mary, Her Photographs Are Full of Grace and the community instantly admired her and her inspiring pictures.

Today, Mary still is young but her photographic ideas continuously blossom into an endless variation of dreamy stills. She will share with us her experiences using film in a **Photo Diary series**. She will discuss her concepts and the morales she learned while taking pictures. All of these will be featured bi-monthly in the Analogue Lifestyle section.

**Mary's Photo Diary: A Love Affair with My Canon AE-1** is her very first article. You may visit Mary's LomoHome and view some of her stunning film photographs. You may also suggest specific topics which she could write about in the future — just write them as a comment below.

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  1. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    I wonder if she'll keep morale high when discussing her morals?

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