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Welcome to this weeks Shopping guide. Moving closer and closer towards the holidays, we got some intereting new items in as well as some favourites back in stock:

Welcome to this weeks Shopping guide. Moving closer and closer towards the holidays, we got some intereting new items in as well as some favourites back in stock:

Recent Arrivals

Diana Deluxe Kit

  • Diana+
  • Diana Flash
  • Hotshoe adaptor
  • Cable Release Collar and cable release
  • Diana Back+ 4 masks for 4 formats
  • Viewfinder Adaptor
  • Universal viewfinder
  • Fisheye viewfinder
  • Splitzer
  • Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens
  • Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens
  • Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle Lens
  • Close-Up Lens, Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens

I think this list says it all, but the best thing is that when you buy the complete Diana collection of goodies you get a huge 104€/140$ discount off the price of buying each piece separately.

Lomography “Final Cut: AGFA APX 400” Box

This classic Agfa emulsion just made it’s comeback. Here’s the story:

Discontinued in 2005, Agfa APX 400 B&W film has long been a firm favourite amongst Lomographers with a penchant for film noir. Our Deadstock hunter found this classic emulsion masquerading in a Rollei Retro 400’s clothes and are now destined to bring it back into the light.

This sought-after emulsion is hand-numbered and packed in a Lomography box specially designed to pay tribute to this memorable moment, your last chance to experience this B&W Agfa classic.

Back in Stock

10m (33ft.) Cable Release

The mother of all cable releases is finally back ins tock. When we orginally stocked this baby we sold out in about an week, totally underestimating the impact it made. Seems like size does matter.

Self Portrait Kits

Along with the Cable Release we are happy to annouce that our equally popular (LC-A+) Self Portrait Kits are also back in action.

Rollei Art Kits

The Rollei B&W Starter kit is just what all aspiring DIY developers need to get their gloves on. The kit comes complete with all the things you need plus detailed instructions on the method and how to get best results. Inside the classy dark wooden box you will find 2 Rollei Retro 100 and 2 Rollei Retro 400 films. Your essential chemicals are provided courtesy of AGFA and therefore you can expect quality results from the 125ml Rodinal (developer) and 125ml Agefix (fixer).

Special Deals

Free LC-A Book

You can still get the epic Lomo LC-A Big Book FREE when you buy any LC-A+ or LC-A+ package? Keep in mind that this offer is limited to our current book stock!

Asia/ROW costumers please see the Dropdown menu for “Camera & LC-A Book” options. Only these packages will include the free Lomo LC-A book! Adding camera and book seperatly is not possible!

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  1. marcela_cuartas
    marcela_cuartas ·

    There is something wrong with the shop. I've been trying to buy some thigns since yesterday in the morning but always is a error screen when i'm finishing the process. The erros always says this:" The transaction cannot be processed at the moment. Please try again later."

    And i try later and later and later, again and again and again, but is always the same.

  2. pan_dre
    pan_dre ·

    Could you please send a screenshot to and write me when this error happesn. We'll try to track the problem down as soon as possible :)!

  3. marcela_cuartas
    marcela_cuartas ·

    Done! Check your email.

  4. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    im guessing the Rollei Art Kits dont come with tanks?

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