Groezrock Festival, Meerhout, Belgium


Every year in April, the Groezrock Festival is held in the Belgian village of Meerhout. This year, on Easter weekend, its 20th anniversary will be celebrated with three stages, over 30,000 visitors, and two days of music.

When it all started, it was just 400 visitors in a small venue. In 2006, when I first went there, the whole area was still quite manageable. On Friday afternoon the program took place on a stage (not including a recurring power outage) around mowed corn fields as parking lots, and grazing pastures, which served as a campground. To this day, the countryside has not changed, but when festival visitors from all over Europe arrive in April, the whole village of Meerhout is turned upside down

Since then, the festival is growing steadily, now there are three stages and even a mini-stage with a competition for newcomers. Groezrock has (even to this day no one actually knows how to pronounce the name) established itself internationally as a festival for punk/hardcore/emo/ska/rock. Whether power outages or the ash cloud in the last year and resulting cancellations of bands, the small and big crises were so far always managed.

No wonder then, all forces were mobilized for the 20th anniversary once again. On Friday, this year will be a full day of the festival and more bands will play (unfortunately the prices are also correspondingly higher). It is safe to say there will be one or more surprises from the many stands too.

On April 22 and 23, it starts again, the pink tents are set up in the fields of Meerhout and although there are no Belgian waffles there, all music fans should stop by the Groezrock Festival at least once. In the next 20 years!

PS: I shot my first and second rolls of film through my LC-A+ at Groezrock 2010 – but the results are still quite okay.. ;)

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