Casino Constanta: My Favorite Place to Get Some Sun

The casino is one of the most important landmarks in Romania and the most significant in my hometown, Constanta. Even though its interior cannot be visited because the casino has been closed to the public for several years, this magnificent monument has been Constanta’s trademark since 1910.

The Casino was designed by French architect Daniel Renard by the principles of Art Nouveau and its purpose was to host balls and theatrical performances; it also had two lecture rooms, two game rooms, and a sea view platform where visitors could enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. It’s definitely the place to be if you were off to visit Constanta.

Today it still is, but its purpose is purely historical as the lack of renovation funds has turned the casino into a ruin. People come here for the great cliff view, the relaxing atmosphere, the fresh sea air, and to take photos of this incredible monument.

I love this place when it comes to sunny days and taking photos. Apart from the cliff view, the small park full of statues and the miniature beach next to the building is great for practicing your photography skills. There is always something new to take a photo of as all sorts of people come here: brides and grooms, musicians, painters, beggars, fishermen and if you get bored, you can always lay back and relax on the sand, rocks, grass, a bench or visit the Aquarium.

And in winter this is the place to take your camera to when you catch a sunny day; the view is even more spectacular than in the summer and spring as the cliff freezes and sometimes you can also see some swans paddling along the ice cold water. It’s a really beautiful view!

You can find the Constanta Casino on Queen Elisabeth Boulevard, near the Constanta Port and Modern Beach.

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