Penedo da Saudade (What is Saudade?)


some say that, upon hearing that the murmurs of the sea cliff, may also distinguish, as in echo, the lamentations of the young widow…

First I must try to explain what Saudade is. Saudade is a very Portuguese feeling, it is more than “I miss you”, it is more than “I miss my home”, it is more than nostalgic, it’s a pain that one can only feel in his soul, a very deep feeling. Perhaps this music can explain what Saudade is: ==

Generally speaking, in Penedo da Saudade, our imagination takes us immediately to the romantic setting of Coimbra. But the truth is that there is another Penedo da Saudade, maybe even more romantic than the chimes of Coimbra. Located on the beautiful coast of S. Pedro de Moel. I’ll give you a brief summary of the legend of Penedo da Saudade.

In 1463, D. Afonso V gave San Pedro de Moel to the Count of Vila Real. This copious family had a palace in Leiria and various homes in San Pedro de Moel. They stood on this beach until 1641, when they were executed last Marquis of Vila Real and his son, the last Duke of Caminha. The Duchess of Caminha, D. Juliana Máxima de Faro, after becoming a widow, she cried everyday for the death of her husband on a huge rock on this beach, resulting to its name, Penedo da Saudade, on top of which is now a lighthouse with the same name. This is how the legend of Penedo da Saudade came to be, some say that, upon hearing the murmurs of the sea cliff, one may also distinguish, an echo, similar to the lamentations of the young widow.

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  1. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Great review, the lighthouse shots are AMAZING, specially the one with fog.

  2. -alia-
    -alia- ·

    Beautiful article, i really enjoyed it ^.^
    (saudades de pt...)

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Não conhecia, pensei logo em Coimbra. Muito bonito!

  4. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    muito bom mesmo!! :) e eu que sou emigra, ai, sinto a saudade na alma e nos ossos.

  5. bongofury
    bongofury ·

    Obrigado a todos
    @paper_doll tu como ninguém sabes o que é a saudade

  6. bongofury
    bongofury ·

    @saidseni se tiveres oportunidade vem conhecer este local porque é mesmo muito bonito

  7. catarella
    catarella ·

    Really great article and the photos are beautiful!!! =) I had never heard about that place.. (E que saudades do mar!)

  8. ariannapaloma
    ariannapaloma ·

    i loved this article... e agora estou com muita saudade... :)

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