St. Barbara Bastions/Victoria Gate

Webo29’s favourite outdoor lunchtime haunt also happens to be one of Malta’s most sought after postcodes. Read on for a brief insider’s tour of Valletta’s St. Barbara Bastions.

St Barbara Bastions is home to a very select few. This tiny strip overlooking the Grand Harbour houses banks, shipping companies, embassies and consulates and also a handful of very lucky (and very rich) residents.

But ’What’s so great about this place?’ you’re probably asking. Well nothing apart from the unique, unadulterated view of the harbour and the Three Cities (including Fort St. Angelo). But take it from me, that’s quite something. Obviously, yours truly like a host of other common mortals, does not live here. But, he does work 5 minutes away, which means that on any given day, he can just take a quick five-minute walk down and henceforth lounge in the sun like a content feline. The place is never deserted so don’t expect to be there alone if you visit. If you’re vertiginous, I wouldn’t recommend hanging out too close to the edge. It’s quite a steep drop down and there are no fences or nets underneath – and that’s bound to make you lose your cool (and we don’t want that do we?)

You’re probably thinking that’s all well and good during the day but what about at night? Well at night the twinkling lights across the water make it a rather romantic place to hang out and just 2 minutes away overlooking Victoria Gate there’s Bridge Bar.

Bridge Bar is a quaint little place between a stairway and yes, a little bridge. Every Friday night, in summer, Bridge Bar brings out a couple of dozen cushions, lays them on the steps and hosts a live jazz band. As expected, the place is usually packed and the atmosphere is one of tangible enjoyment all round.

I don’t want to keep you here much longer but whether it’s in the daytime or the nighttime, make sure to visit this area. You won’t regret it. If you see a dark guy walking around with a Diana Mini or a Sprocket Rocket, it’s probably me so don’t be shy and do say hello.

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