Springtime Shooting at Wintergarden Park


I thought I was defeated by a long winter chill— until I found springtime warmth with some redscale film at Wintergarden Park in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Credits: 0live

This spring, I have been drawn to everything redscale— perhaps I am just desperate for warm colors and sunny feelings following a cold, pale, winter in Northeast Ohio. I took a short trip with my Diana Mini loaded with 35mm Lomography Redscale to Wintergarden Park on the very first spring day to capture not only the natural scenery, but my longing for warmer weather and the spring transitions to come.

The park is one of my favorite places to go when I want to be surrounded by simple nature scenes. Walking alone through the park, the trees, and tall grasses stand quietly, not yet green and not yet budding. Nestled in on the southwest edge of town, the park feels lonely and vulnerable after shedding its winter skin, and occasionally I meet a lone runner or dog walker traveling the same winding path. I am intrigued by the textures of the hibernating vegetation, stark and thin, waiting to be softened by leafy greens and blooms.

Credits: 0live

Springtime is known for bright new beginnings, the struggle for rebirth and green growth, flowering fields of fertility and glorious awakenings. Cultures and generations have welcomed the spring with color and celebration. In contrast, at the park, I found my encounter with the first of spring was a quiet, calm, and simple first breath of a slow crawl back to life. In a way, the first signs of spring were captured by the sun hitting my lens, and I left the park feeling happy and hopeful for the warmer future to come.

written by 0live on 2011-04-29 #places #park #nature #spring #redscale #location #diana-mini #seasons #personal-story

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