Fun in the Sun in Coron, Palawan!


The Philippines is a country blessed with more than 7,000 islands — and with these comes countless beaches, shorelines, and seascapes for frolicking under the sun. Narrow your choices down to the best of the best when it comes to sun, sea, and sand, and you will most likely see on the list the charming town of Coron in the province of Palawan.

Coron is just a quick plane ride away from Manila. In an hour or less, you will reach the airport on Busuanga Island. From there, a van transport will take you to the town proper or, if you booked a tour package, straight to your lodging.

The municipality is actually made up of several islands, mainly comprised by a portion of Busuanga Island and all of its neighboring Coron Island (now considered as the ancestral domain of the Tagbanua Tribe, whose ancestors were reportedly residents of the island for more than 3,000 years). All of the islands surrounding the municipality are protected areas, making it possible for visitors to not only enjoy crystal clear waters, but also appreciate the abundance of marine life in the Philippines. Despite being only around 3-4 years young in the tourism industry, Coron has been steadily charming travelers and sun-worshippers from around the world.

Those who respond to Coron’s calling are drawn primarily by an exciting island hopping itinerary: snorkel and feed bread to fishes in Siete Pecados; swim in the enchanting waters of Kayangan Lake; have your lunch under the trees on one of the surrounding pristine beaches; swim underneath a tiny arch to reach the other side (inner lagoon) of the Twin Lagoons; or if you’re into recreational diving, plunge deep to reach one of the several World War II Japanese shipwrecks scattered around the islands.

Pictured above: The most photographed scenery in Coron. Travelers will be treated to this beautiful view while trekking to Kayangan Lake.
Pictured above: Kayangan Lake, sometimes called Blue Lagoon, the cleanest lake in the Philippines. According to stories, the spirits of the Tagbanua Tribe’s ancestors used to reside in this enchanting lagoon. Some ceremonies had to be performed to transfer the spirits to the bigger (and still inaccessible) Cabugao Lake, so Kayangan can be opened to the public.

It’s easy to lose control and go shutter-happy in Coron, as you would want to bring home with you tons of photos. So, if you find Coron calling out to you, get your cameras and slide films ready and shoot beautiful islands, steep cliffs and rock formations, clear waters, friendly fishes, fascinating shipwrecks, and pristine beaches of this tropical paradise!

Photos taken using:
Nikon FE2 + Kodak Elitechrome 100 (Expired)
Mariner XI Underwater Camera + Lucky Super New 200
Holga 120 CFN + Fuji Provia 100
Vivitar UWS + Kodak Elitechrome 100 (Expired)

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