Catch Some Sun in the Korean Garden of Frankfurt!


Back in 2005, the city of Frankfurt has been presented with a wonderful gift from the Republic of Korea – a real Korean garden! It is a wonderful place to discover among the jungle of skyscrapers known as the Frankfurt Skyline.

Frankfurt am Main is one of the most popular cities when it comes to fairs and exhibitions. The Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre holds up to 50 different fairs every year, among them then ChristmasWorld, the Music Fair, the Frankfurt Motor Show and the Book Fair. For the Book Fair, Korea has been the Guest of Honour. As a “thank you”, Frankfurt was presented with a little bit of Korean culture: the Korean Gardens in Westend!

I know for a fact that it was built by Korean specialists, so even though I don’t have too much knowledge about Korean culture, I’m bound to say that the garden is pretty authentic and isn’t just some European replica. The garden features 2 temples and 2 little ponds connected with each other by a stream. One of the temples is mostly used for Martial Arts training, while the other is simply there to look at and maybe sit on its terrace.

The garden, with an astounding 4000 square meters, is a very awesome place to just relax.

It’s great location makes it very popular for university students:
The garden is situated on the east side of the Grüneburgpark, which happens to border with the University Campus Westend. From the lecture hall and the law library, it takes about 4 minutes of walking to get to the garden.

It is open from 8am until dawn, so in essence, whenever students have a break from class, or want to revise outside in a calm, relaxed environment, they come here. The garden has a few benches and a little hill that you can simply lie down on. There’s a lot of grass area, so you may take some kind of blanket and just lie down in the middle of this magical place.

There’s a few rules in this place:
- no alcohol
- no dogs
- no BBQ.

All pretty logical, in my opinion. You wouldn’t want drunk dogs roaming around and destroying this gift by setting it on fire. ;)

Why would this be a favourite spot to get some sun? Why not go to the river, or to a restaurant with a terrace?

Well, quite simple really:
- Unlike the park this garden is “built” in, it has a few tall trees only, so you’re not going to be looking for sun behind those huge tree crowns.
- I spend most of my days at the university, going to class or in revision. Sometimes you just want a change from libraries full of books, and this calm, peaceful place is absolutely perfect for it!
- Not too many people actually know about this place. Most students prefer to sit outside of the cafeteria with a beer in their hands when the sun’s out and it’s 23°C. So far I’ve seen a couple of elderly people, a few students who study Asian culture and a few martial arts students.

So in essence – a secluded place, full of sun, with a surrounding that will take you away from reality. You will suddenly forget that just 10 minutes ago you were studying constitutional law in a cold library in a metropolitan city, but find yourself in the middle of a different culture, a different world.

The Korean Garden is found on the east side of the Grüneburgpark, “Grüneburgpark 1”. The fastest way to get there is to take Bus36 to the Campus Westend station or Simon-Bolivar Anlage and walk to the new part of the campus. The garden is right behind the House of Finance.

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  1. 1minute1second
    1minute1second ·

    Love it! Looks pretty authentic to me :)

  2. dianalerias
    dianalerias ·

    Definitely looks like a place worth a visit if one's in the area!

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