Get in Touch with Nature, Analogue Style

Sudbury is known for their mining industry, leaving large rocks covered in black soot. However, they are also known for their beautiful scenery, especially during the autumn season.

Looking for a place to go with the family or just a couple of friends? Sudbury is the place to visit! Traveling around Sudbury is definitely fun for all ages, young and old. Not only do they have great scenery, but they also have several interactive science exhibits. Learn more about Sudbury’s mining industry at the Dynamic Earth station and experience the life of a miner throughout the centuries! Why not get in touch with the world around you at the Science North station? From finding out how the body works, to finding out how flexible you are, to holding a giant snail, Science North is the ultimate experience!

The Agawa Canyon Train Tour is the best part. This trip lasted a total of 8 hours, but it wasn’t boring at all! The actual trip on the train was so exciting, as we passed by rivers and large, open spaces, it made me realize how small I actually am! The train stopped for us to take a closer look at Canyon Park, and its most beautiful colours during the autumn season. If you’re looking for a mission, why not climb the 372 steps to the “lookout” that provides the best view of the entire park?

The Agawa Canyon Tour is said to be North America’s best tour for viewing the changing colours of Canada’s beautiful trees. Visiting Canada soon? Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

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