Redscaled Lomography color negative (35mm/400ISO).


A cool alternative for those times when you lack of 100 iso film is to redscale a 400 iso Lomography color negative film.

One of these days the Sun was shining, it was a perfect day to shoot 100 iso film, the only problem was my film stock, I realized I only had 400 iso color negative and B&W films. I knew there was no way I could buy a decent slide film in time to enjoy that perfect day so I had to improvise.

I took one Lomography color negative 400 iso film and an empty canister (usually I ask for empty canisters in my usual lab, you never know when you might need them), lock myself in my darkroom (my bathroom) and reversed the Lomography film into the empty canister, the process is easy, just use some duct tape to fix the Lomography film to the tip of the remaining film on the empty canister (usually my lab leave a little bit of film out), rewind it into the new canister a cut the tip in the end so it could fit into my camera spool and it’s done! A brand new 100 iso, redscale film.

The only thing left to do was adjust my camera setting to 100 iso and shoot. I like the results, I achieved great reds oranges and yellows and some light leaks (my darkroom isn’t as dark as I expected) but, overall, it was a great solution for my problem, a 100 iso film in no time.

written by zulupt on 2011-05-04 #gear #film #diy #35mm #review #lab #cn #redscale #400 #experiment #lomography #user-review


  1. the_detourist
    the_detourist ·

    you don't even need a darkroom to make your own redscale at home! I should write a tipster about my ghetto redscale technique soon eh?....

    i make my own just with a piece of tape and a blanket to cover the rewind process!

  2. the_detourist
    the_detourist ·

    But yes, 400 is the perfect redscale speed!! 800 is even more fun!

  3. 3xposur3
    3xposur3 ·

    i did an experimented with "normal" 400 film, turned into redscale, and tried exposing it at different ISO levels starting from 25 to 400, i must say, its just like that XR film from lomography.......

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