A Perfect Travel Companion for your Diana F+


Lomography Colour Negatives 400, a versatile film, excellent for all weather conditions, is a perfect travel companion for your Diana F+! Be pleasantly surprised by its vivid colours!

Credits: mongus

Last summer, I went on my 1st ever road trip to Malacca. Acclaimed as one of the World Heritage site, it is a perfect place for some lomo action and I was so excited to bring my Diana F+ for a day out. Without a second thought, I loaded into my Diana the Lomography Colour Negatives 400 120mm – a versatile film, excellent for all weather conditions.

At a convenient ISO of 400, it allows me to use all 3 aperture settings of my Diana F+ – sunny, cloudy and overcast, so I do not have to worry about the weather or lighting condition that day. It even allows me to take some indoor shots at brightly lit places. The last thing you want to do while travelling is to worry about whether your photos will turn out well-exposed!

Credits: mongus

What I love most about this film show well it matches the Diana F+ aperture settings. On a sunny day, a few of the other ISO400 films that I’ve tried tend to comes out overexposed even with the “Sunny” aperture of the Diana. However, I absolutely do not have a problem with the Lomography Colour Negatives 400. It was a really sunny day, with clear blue sky, when I was in Malacca, yet all my photos turn out well-exposed! Not to mention, I love the vivid colours which make my Diana photos all the more dreamy.

The next time you go on a vacation with your Diana F+ (or the Holga), do not consider! Just bring along the Lomography Colour Negatives 400 with you, and you will not be disappointed!

I’m so going to stock this film for my upcoming trip to the States! ;P

written by mongus on 2011-05-04 #gear #negative #review #iso400 #120mm #lomography #holga #diana #user-review


  1. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    Just a shot roll of this, waiting to get it developed. Not Mallacca though. Only Mecca.

  2. chikumumu
    chikumumu ·

    can't wait to shoot again with you guys ((:

  3. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    Beautiful colors :)

  4. mongus
    mongus ·

    @kobehasanidea yes! going to states end june! very excited about it!

  5. mongus
    mongus ·

    @willyboy love to see your Mecca shots!

  6. mongus
    mongus ·

    @chikumumu can't wait to shoot with you guys too!

  7. mongus
    mongus ·

    @gelibee thanks! :D

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