Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero, the youngest neighborhood in Buenos Aires with streets named after women.

This vibrant part of the city which is constantly growing was quite different around twenty years ago. Where there are plenty of new business buildings and offices now, used to be old docks and warehouses. Puerto Madero came to life around 1887 as a new port of the city. Ships were loaded with grains and other kinds of ware here. As foreign trade grew, the area was abandoned as it became too small. It was not until 1989 when a new project took place in order to rebuild Puerto Madero and bring light from forgetfulness.

One of the first things to be built in the recovery project was the Bridge of the Woman which connects the west and east sectors. It is a pedestrian bridge.

Not many of the original buildings remain today as they were turned into offices, hotels or departments. This is one of the historic grain silos that still stands.

In front of the old silo is a park named after the Queen of Holland.

There is also an old School Boat “President Sarmiento Frigate” (traveled between 1899 and 1939 around the world) which is moored in dock 3. It is a museum with all its original furniture and photos that show its itineraries.

As firms were in need of a place for their offices in Puerto Madero, many architects gave the place their stamp, as Cesar Peli. Some others, like Phillip Stark, designed luxury hotels.

This place is always in expansion.

There is a university, a church, an art museum and an ecological reserve and yet to come, is its own shopping center and supermarket. Boats are moored in the Yacht Club even though there are many people who prefer rowing.

There is a hint of glam which is traduced in expensiveness as many of its restaurants and parrillas (where you can eat good meat) are targeted for tourists. But there are also beautiful public gardens where a picnic can be held.

As night appears and lights turn on, the atmosphere around you is the perfect scenario for a romantic walk along the river under the old harbor cranes.

The rhythm of this new neighborhood may lead you to a bar, a disco or you just want to return for brunch on a sunny weekend.

Surely there is a lot more to tell about this place. You can find more info here: http://www.puertomadero.com/i_index.cfm

And if you ever be around let me know. :)

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