Multi-Lens Black out


What to have that 1 second suspense shot from your multi-lens camera? This could be it.

I thought of doing this at the hype of Oktokino Mini Movie submissions where shots were edited and posted as a moving GIF. This tip will create a 1 second suspense part when the picture is in motion.

Materials needed:
-Any multi-lens camera (in my case I used my Oktomat to give the person enough time to change or if its an inanimate object, more time to change the direction to capture a different view or angle)
-Black tape (or any other material that you can use , just make sure light does not come in)

The process is easy. Just cut the black tape and cover the lens you want blackened out. In my case, I covered every other lens to create a mime-like expression of faces.

You can also use other materials and more colorful ones like red, blue, green and yellow instead of black to cover the lenses and create a Pop-art camera even in a Supersampler and Oktomat cameras. That’s why the cameras have many lens, be creative! make use of one lens different from the rest! =) Thanks for reading!

written by bluemie5 on 2011-05-23 #gear #tutorials #oktomat #tips #camera #tipster #supersampler #actionsampler #pop9 #quickie-tipster #black-tape #blackout #cover-lens


  1. yawn
    yawn ·

    Don't need that, one of the shutters of my supersampler stopped working by itself :P

  2. bluemie5
    bluemie5 ·

    HI Yawn! Just realized my supersampler's 2 lens are not working either... i hope theres still something we can do to fix it =(

  3. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    the last two shutters of my oktomat are also not working. I'm affraid that I'm gonna mess up if I try to fix it.

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