Leaving Winter Behind: Waking Up From a Hibernation

It’s finally spring and the air is getting warmer! The harsh winter season is on its way out, days are getting longer, and winter coats retiring to a hanger in the closet. It’s time to get outside, and bring your camera along too!

The winter season offers so many photographic opportunities. But as much as I love painfully freezing weather, chunky knit sweaters, and sipping hot chocolate to stay warm, the slow approach of spring is more than welcome.

Here in New England, winter always seems like it will never come to an end. We expect snow fall through the month of April.

For me as a photography student, taking pictures is a non-stop, year round addiction. Shooting outside in the winter when snow is up to my knees is not always the most comfortable experience. There’s nothing like the feeling of warm weather pulling me outside with my Nikon FE2 and some extra rolls of black and white film in my pocket (hat and gloves not included).

I love to say my final goodbyes to the winter season. Warm sunshine on your skin, fresh budding flowers emerging from the earth, and longer days begging to be photographed gives life a whole new sense of energy.

Its finally time to take to wake up from a long winter hibernation and take your camera outside!

written by abrockman on 2011-05-24 #lifestyle #nature #landscape #connecticut #black-and-white #weather #winter #spring #april #kodak-tmax-400 #new-england #nikon-fe2

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