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As someone who lived in the city of Coventry for 19 years, there is only one place that I miss (apart from my Mum’s dining room table on Sunday lunch), and that is the spectacular Coventry Cathedral.

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I will be the first to admit that there is not a vast amount of sights to see in Coventry (located in the middle of England) and if I were to recommend you to go there, I would not advise staying for more than 2 or 3 days maximum. As there is not a lot to see, there is equally not a lot to photograph, which is why there are currently no Lomo locations from this city whatsoever.

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Since leaving Coventry in 2004, I haven’t been back there to do a great deal of sightseeing (the Coventry sightseeing tour bus actually drives you out of the city to some nearby village and landmarks) but I have been threatening to take my other half to the cathedral ruins for some time. Coventry Cathedral is also known as St Michael’s and is a 14th century gothic building in the heart of the city centre. Unfortunately during WWII, the German luftwaffe attacked Coventry many times, and devastatingly, the lovely gothic cathedral was ruined in 1940.

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However, following on from the bombing that took place, a new cathedral was designed alongside the ruins and the foundation for this was laid in 1956. I love the new cathedral design, and it is a beautiful place to worship and well worth a mosey round in its own right. But it is the beautiful ruins that I really enjoy and feel totally at peace in. You can get in to the grounds everyday during sunlit hours, sit on benches, read, relax, and take photographs. You can also climb the stairs up the tower for a panoramic view of the city.

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Not only are the cathedral ruins lovely to look at, but also the way that they have been attached so well and artistically to the new cathedral as can be seen in the above shots. I am personally not a religious person at all but I do feel such peace and serenity here, especially for a city centre location and would well recommend a visit in the glorious spring sunshine.

Credits: kneehigh85

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  1. tsingtao
    tsingtao ·

    For me a good location in Coventry is the Transport Museum

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