LomoPeople: Jared Elizares

Every photographer needs a peer to bounce ideas of. Somebody to inspire them, drive them and kick them in the ass and back them better behind the lens. Jared is that guy. That’s why he’s one of my LomoPeople.

About a year ago I was adrift in analogue photography. The hubris and idiocy of cell phone apps pretending to be real cameras had served as a gateway drug for real cameras and after a few months of muddling with my Holga and farting around with my "Diana"http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/diana-f-cameras I wanted more.

Parted of what I wanted was to be challenged. Conceptually, artistically and socially. I wanted there to be a Lomo scene in Phoenix. I wanted cool shooters getting together with their trusty cams and creating great work. And that’s where Jared came in. I hit Lomography and started messaging anybody who listed Phoenix as their city. As a complete novice with two cameras in my arsenal I tried to coordinate my first photo walk. It was, mostly, a flop.

But this guy came. He spoke in a rapid fire staccato and when he spoke about pushing his Holgas as far as they could go he lit up like a Christmas tree. The day was exhaustingly hot but we must have shot three rolls apiece on that first failed photo walk. You can dig around on page and find my shots. You can also see how far I’ve come since then and part of that is because I’ve had a fellow shooter and friend who elevates and celebrates lo-fi photography as much as I do.

His endless research in alternative processes, his passion for that long lens and the stealth telephoto street photography and his commitment to getting the most out of his gear inspires me. When a camera breaks or disappoints me it’s partly his attitude that gets me back in there.

A few weeks ago there was a street festival and we had now hosted multiple successful photo walks, planned our most ambitious event yet— a portrait party and both grown greatly as photographers. The street festival happened to be in the same place where we had gone shooting nearly a year prior. This time I got a portrait that I think captures him better. Thank’s Jared. You’re one of Lomography’s best ambassadors.

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