Palace and Palace Garden: Schönhausen in Berlin-Pankow


A small, fine park in north Berlin, a place with tremendous history.

In the Niederschönhausen area of the Berlin-Pankow district is where you can find the palace garden and palace of Schönhausen. Built in the mid-17th century, this Baroque-style palace has been open to the public since 2009 and belongs to the Foundation for Prussian Palaces and Gardens of Berlin-Brandenburg. The accompanying palace garden is divided into two parts. The smaller portion is surrounded by a wall and is closed at night. This garden is also part of the palace. The by far greater part is located outside the installation. There, the Panke River runs through it, which gave the district its name.

The entire area offers quite a good walk and if you are interested in Prussian history you can obtain sufficient information from the two guard houses at the south gate and the palace itself. This palace has seen more than enough history. If one looks at the postwar period itself: the seat of the first president of the GDR, Wilhelm Pieck. Then there’s the guest house of the East German leadership, Indira Gandhi, Fidel Castro and Mikhail Gorbachev were among the guests. At the turnover of the government, it was where the “round table” was seated and where the Two-Plus-Four Agreement was held.

At the west gate of the little palace park, there is even an interesting addition to the building. It is in contrast to the palace which was not restored but left as is for the last 15 years. In GDR times it served as a hotel for the travelers’ entourage. Now, condos are scheduled to be built there. But until then, it is still a good photo subject.

Tschaikowskistr. 1, 13156 Berlin
Bus lines 107, 150, 250 or Tram M1 to Hermann-Hesse-Str./Waldstraße station
Last but not least
In 1998 the palace Schönhausen was shot for the video of the single ‘Du riechst so gut’ by Rammstein. Watch the video

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  1. permafrost
    permafrost ·

    nice pictures! But looking at them reminds me why I hate autumn so much! Cold, foggy, wet. No thanks! Really love the contrast between the nice palace and the run down building.

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