20th Century Cincinnati

Over fifty modern art and furniture dealers gather in Cincinnati for the yearly “20th Century Cincinnati” show featured during February every year in the Queen City.

We visited the Modern Show this year, and we had a fantastic time! All kinds of modern art, furniture, and even vintage toys are sold!

We happened to come across a man and woman buying a replica of the robot from Lost In Space. Well, he looked like it. Kind of. Made out of recycled parts, he was sure an eyecatcher!

Eames style chairs, tulip tables, glassware from the fifties, toys from the 1920s….it was all there for your perusal. But come with a deep pocket; these pieces can go for hundreds, even thousands of dollars! The robot replica went for $500. One nice thing was that they didn’t care if you took pictures, so I gladly paid $20 admission to be able to take these photos with my LC-A! I used Kodak Elitechrome 200 slide film, and shot it at 100 with a colorsplash flash. I didn’t realize at the time that I was shooting it at 100. When I did I thought my images would be completely blown out but they weren’t! I was very excited to see the results. I also shot some Fuji Provia 100. Those came out a little dark but still, very nice results. Every time I turned the corner, I would see a hat, a toy, glassware, furniture, neon signs, just about anything begging to be photographed!

Antique shows, flea markets, roadside oddities, vintage kitsch and similar subjects are all perfect candidates for lomographic expression. Always be on the lookout for events like this in your hometown. It could mean the difference between having no inspiration to having endless creative possibilities with your camera!

written by sthomas68 on 2011-06-22 #lifestyle #antique #analogue #furniture #cincinnati #eames #modern-art-mid-century-modern

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