Cologne's Animalistic Qualities


I’ve fallen for the Cologne Zoo. The reason is quite simple: it’s a real eye-catcher!

Actually, I’m no big fan of the zoo. I have not been to one in years and when I think of previous visits I remember only disappointing empty cages, screaming children in strollers, Guinea pigs in miniature little rooms, and the traumatic memory of my broken arm at the play area.

Sure, I’ve always found it interesting to observe the animals, but I’ve never really had that happy of a trip (except my times as a kindergarten trip participant).
That changed only the other day in Cologne. Since I am a born and bred Hamburg woman, I visited it only recently for the first time. My eight year old cousin had persuaded me to visit an aquarium in the rain and after I had to pay the full 14 €, We rushed through the zoo grounds.

I was blown away right from the beginning by the crocodile and hippo house. Scarcely has the door closed behind you, you stand in front of a three-meter-high glass behind which, if you’re lucky, a big hippo using a rope for what could be considered as dental floss. I was so stunned that I immediately pulled out my Yashica, handily dangling around my neck, and snapped on it happening.

Besides the beautifully managed enclosures, I was pleased by the variety of animals.
A Siberian tiger, a cheetah couple, funny at the sight of penguins, a bombastic rhinoceros, and many more…

The whole thing was much more fun the second time, having better weather.
This time I brought my friend, picnic goodies, and telephoto lens with me.
Have you ever sat undisturbed on a bench on a good day, munching grapes and enjoying the sight of pink flamingos or monkey ass?
For me, it was quite to my taste!

The aquarium is well worth seeing.
They have everything there, from a huge fish to the tiniest frog I’ve ever seen. It would not hurt to have a flash here. Even though I left mine at home, I was still able to get a couple good photos.

I can say this place for animal enthusiasts and traveling Lomographers alike: Wait for a nice day, pack a telephoto lens and off you go on safari!! Or at least something like that.

Have fun!

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