Kodak EC100: Simple and Effective Splash of Color


This little gem is the perfect way to play the Lomography game. Point, shoot, and enjoy the vivid results!

I never thought an uneventful trip to the market could yield such a lovely photo companion. I found my Kodak EC100 in the discount bin at an electronic market. It took $10 to purchase it and I gave them without ever looking back.

The camera at first, since it wasn’t very impressive to begin with (pocket-sized, grey, missing bells and whistles) was kept on a shelf for the first 3 months since I bought it.

But this just goes to show what you can miss out when you don’t take advantage of the small wonders in your life.

A bit more on the technical aspects, for those curious: it has a 30 mm lens (wide enough!), internal flash and it’s focus-free (so all you have to do is be on the look out and trigger-happy).

Credits: crocodil_fotografic

After filling it up with film for a party one random afternoon and shooting the role carelessly (after all, my expectations weren’t that high to begin with) it came as a complete surprise to see just how Lomographic this camera is.

All pictures came back with a beautiful color saturation (rich blues, greens and and reds most of all) and everything seemed to pulsate with life. All I can say is… I was hooked!

Shot with cross-processed film

I wanted to share my discovery with the world because others should also know how easy it is to pass by some great find, just because you think a wonderful camera should look in a certain manner.

It serves as an example that surprises come from where you least expect them to and that being Lomo can be triggered by a simple toy, which you didn’t before give much thought to.

Source: Kodak camera reference page

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  1. andrea_gail
    andrea_gail ·

    nice. i have one of these. :D

  2. lillyquinlan
    lillyquinlan ·

    Hi, I don't know if anyone will see this at this point but I just bought this camera (well, the EC 200 one but they seem pretty similar) and can't figure out how to turn off the flash. It goes off every time whether it's light or dark. I couldn't find a way in the printed user guide or online. Can someone tell me what I'm missing?

  3. brs_akts
    brs_akts ·

    @lillyquinlan Just use camera without batteries :) I have EC 100 too and camera is fully mechanical... It doesn't need batteries for work... Batteries are only for flash

  4. umilxrae
    umilxrae ·

    what film did you use to achieve those light leaks and the amazing saturation and grain of the photos?

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