The Smena SL - A History of Confusion with Remarkable Consequences


I read a lot on the Internet about the various Smena camera models. So I actually ended up wanting to buy a Smena Symbol. Since the symbol can often often be confused with the SL, I learned about the specific differences, after I bought the SL at a flea market!

Since both have approximately the same technology (shutter/lens) in them, there are only a few differences to tell them apart. For one, the Symbol is almost entirely in black, whereas the SL has a silver “upper shell”.
But the main difference is that the SL is “fueled” with quick loading cassettes. This was the equivalent of the “Agfa-Rapid-System” of the West..

So if you buy it, watch for the 2 cassettes!

You have to fiddle the film into the film cassette. My first film was a 36 exposure roll. The loading took a long time and I did not get everything stuffed inside, only about 24 exposures worth. And it must have probably received some light.

Technical Specifications:

The film speed is set on the lens. The scale is given in DIN. 25 DIN is equivalent to 250 ASA. With this being the only setting setting, all images are made ​​with f16. The scale ranges from 13 to 25 DIN. Accordingly, only films with 16 to 250 ASA can be used.

The exposure extends from 1/15 to 1/250 second. It requires the correct lighting conditions are set on the lens ring. The icons on the top go from very cloudy to sunny. The sun setting is 1/250 second. The best part of the cameras is the lens. The Lomo T-43 1:4/40mm provides a unique photo experience.

I now only use 12 exposure films, mostly Agfa Vista 200.

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  1. life_on_mars
    life_on_mars ·

    never see Smena sl on sale )looks nice,like Smena Rapid

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    yes, definitively Smena Rapid

  3. mitchelouwens
    mitchelouwens ·

    Hey! I also have this camera, but I thought normal 35mm films would fit, but they don't. Does Agfa Vista 200 with 12 exposures fit easily? Because I have the Agfa Vista 200 with 36 exposures and it doesn't fit AT ALL! Can you pleaaaase help me? I would really like this camera to work. Thank you!!!

  4. jdfarrugia
    jdfarrugia ·

    I have the Smena SL... or the Rapid... or something similar. Either way it's very similar to the one in the photos you've got here and it also uses the 2 Rapid-type canisters. Do you know how I can load normal 36mm into the cannisters?

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