Shoot Your Prophecy Winner Announcement


You got the posters and stickers, you stuck them everywhere and you shot your prophecy – And boy, didn’t you do a good job at it! But did you shoot your way to success? Who are the talented 3 lomographers who’ve won themselves a once-in-a-lifetime trip to visit Lomography HQ in Vienna? Read on to find out the winners and some special surprise prizes too!

Congratulations and thanks to all of you who took part in our huge Shoot Your Prophecy rumble. We loved every one of the creative ways you came up with of shooting the posters! We had some truly great shots to pick from – With over 3000 photos submitted, we had shots taken with Fisheyes and Supersamplers, LC-As and Lubitels, and all kinds of other analogue cameras too! But it was great to see a unifying force throughout the entries, wherever they were taken in the world – A deep and innate passion for analogue photography! But, alas, alas, there can only be 3 winners for our awesome grand prize, a trip to visit the Lomography Headquarters in Vienna! So, without further ado, here are the 3 big winners!

North and South AmericaJorgesato

The simplicity of Jorgesato's photo of a sticker against the sky perfectly captures the beauty of analogue.

Credits: jorgesato

Europe and Africamonkeyballs

monkeyballs really got us giggling with this photo capturing the avant-garde of analogue!

Credits: monkeyballs

Asia and the Rest of the WorldFlyaway

She may have been boxed-in but Flyaway really let loose with this lovely photo!

Credits: flyaway

A huge congratulations go to the 3 of you! We’ll be in touch by email soon to arrange the trip!

But that’s not all – We were so impressed with so many of the entries that we’ve decided to award some highly commended photos with 50 Piggy Points too! Here are our highly commended finalists and their photos below:

Credits: brendamanthe
Credits: comraderudy
Credits: delworth
Credits: fivedayforecast
Credits: nyx
Credits: boredbone
Credits: lakandula
Credits: patcha221
Credits: fafascinado
Credits: marant69
Credits: superlighter
Credits: susielomovitz
Credits: lighttomysoul
Credits: porkchopsandy

And for all of you who didn’t make it, don’t worry, there are loads of other Rumbles you can take part in and, not wanting to spoil the surprise, we’ve got an even bigger competition starting next Friday! Stay tuned for details!

Update 26.4.2011 – Everyone who entered the Shoot Your Prophecy Rumble has now been awarded 5 Piggy Points

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    wow! thank U!! I'm a little be sad to don't go to Vienna but 50 piggies are a good consolation price ;)

  2. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    congrats, guys. what a pity that my dress did not win at all... likes it soooo much....

  3. marant69
    marant69 ·

    Congrats to all the winners! Thank you for the great runner-up award. And @superlighter hai visto alla fine ci hanno messo uno vicino all'altro ;-) ( penso che come Marco Aurelio l'Austria avremmo potuto conquistarla e invece, hehehe ;-) )

  4. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    ah man i really tried with that competition! not even a sausage

  5. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    congraaaaats :D

  6. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    @zoezo same for me...! :((( too bad... so no fashion next time and more "classic" shots though it was asked for something new and creative...

  7. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Kudos to the winners of the Vienna trip! Thanks LSI for the 50 piggies.

  8. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    If I'd have known I could have just stuck it on a brick wall...

    So much for being creative :-(

  9. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    a free trip to Vienna?! omg that's so sick!! congrats to the winners! :D
    everyones pic is amazing!

  10. roland
    roland ·

    congrats to the winners...nice ideas and fotos :)

  11. mylatehope
    mylatehope ·

    All great images!!!

  12. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    pure briiliance

  13. lamp
    lamp ·

    Congrats to the winners!

  14. flyaway
    flyaway ·

    oh my god thank you LSI!!!!! congrats to all winners too!

  15. rio
    rio ·

    Congrats to the winners!!!

  16. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    good stuff!

  17. noe_arteaga
    noe_arteaga ·

    I also thought that the point of the Rumble was to get the word out there in a creative way. . . In any case, congrats to the winners!! They are still great shots!!

  18. nyx
    nyx ·

    Thanks so much for the piggies!
    Congrats to all the winners! Great contest!

  19. adrienne-is
    adrienne-is ·

    Congrats to everyone! Like some others here I'm a bit heartbroken myself. Even 10 piggies would have been nice for some of our creative work. I really tried with this one. :( Congrats, congrats!

  20. alessiab
    alessiab ·

    @marant69 @superlighter, italians here we are!

  21. werriston
    werriston ·

    I hear you @zoezoe and @mephisto19. I mean, congrats to all the winners, but some piggies would have been nice for the crazy effort I went to this time 'round :)

  22. pzjo
    pzjo ·

    some incredible winners!

  23. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    congrats guys! ;)
    looks like my creative effort wasn't noticed at all. haha.

  24. blormore
    blormore ·

    Congrats all, great stuff!!

  25. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·

    Congrats to the winners!! and thanks a lot for the 50 piggies!!!!
    AWESOME!!!!! :):)

  26. iaki
    iaki ·

    and the 5 oiggies for all who submitted???

  27. sarabbit
    sarabbit ·

    Congrats to those lucky winners!!! Cool ideas!!

  28. miss_maha
    miss_maha ·

    Congrats to all the winners!! Though there were other more creative entries that could have won 50 piggies, all the shots are great :)

  29. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    How is 50 piggies going to take me on vacation??? YOU KNOW HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE'S URINE I HAD TO TOUCH?!?!

    Just kidding! Thanks for the 50 piggies and congrats to all the winners!

  30. kobkob
    kobkob ·

    Congrats to all winners \m/

  31. marant69
    marant69 ·

    @alessiab Grazie Alessiuccia cara. You know, Italians do it better! :-)

  32. lereile
    lereile ·

    congrats to the winner, although i also thought something else wuld be appreciated!!!!

  33. mariellafassanaro
    mariellafassanaro ·

    great ideas, great photos! congrats!

  34. anarollemberg
    anarollemberg ·

    It seems to me, some people are getting too competitive and bitter when it comes to piggies. That's sad.
    Congrats to the winners! @jorgesato , curta bastante Viena! I love your photo, @flyaway . And @fivedayforecast, your idea was great, congrats!

  35. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    congrats to the vienna flyers! well deserved :) lomo on!

  36. ricah_018
    ricah_018 ·

    aww, i have the same sentiments as @zoezo and @mephisto19. i really did try to think of unique ideas to get those posters out there. i skinned a camera, had my friends raise eyebrows at a public restroom, and made those look twice shades. fine, call me a sourpuss.

  37. iidiko
    iidiko ·

    Congrats!! :)

  38. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    glad to see @delworth 's projections here, the whole series was very cool:
    Congrats to all the winners!

  39. jonolomo
    jonolomo ·

    great pictures!

  40. atria007
    atria007 ·

    congratssss!!!!! ^_^

  41. sc-ting
    sc-ting ·

    congrats to EVERYONE! :D

  42. lanenaindie
    lanenaindie ·

    great photos!! congratulations!!!

  43. goonies
    goonies ·

    @marant69 io facevo il tifo per te :)

  44. marant69
    marant69 ·

    @goonies ti ringrazio tantissimo! Io dopo avere visto i lavori di @superlighter ed altri mi ero già convinto di non potercela assolutamente fare per la vittoria del viaggio, la menzione d'onore e i 50 piggies sono stati una bellissima sorpresa! :-)

  45. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    congratz to all !

  46. goonies
    goonies ·

    @marant69 in effetti anche il lavoro di @superlighter merita parecchio e anche quello di @zoezo garbava tanto. Certo il viaggio era allettante ma con 50 porcellini si fa una bella scorta di rullini!!!

  47. littlekoala
    littlekoala ·

    congrats to everyone!

  48. brendamanthe
    brendamanthe ·

    Congratulations winners and thanks for the 50 piggies! It must have been difficult to judge this one, there were tons of entries worthy of the grand prize.

  49. annelie
    annelie ·

    Beautiful shots! Congrats all winners :)

  50. asaieva
    asaieva ·

    @zoezo I saw your entries and they were very cool! I thought for sure you were gonna be in the 50 piggies section :(

  51. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    @asaieva: thanks :-) i can only hope for a next time!

  52. pzjo
    pzjo ·

    Can't wait to find out what this next 'even bigger' rumble is going to be! I will make sure I enter it.

  53. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    i didnt win :( But beautiful shots !!! Let's hope thats other round :)

  54. b0rn2b1ush
    b0rn2b1ush ·

    congrats to the winners... and boohoo, i didn't even get piggies

  55. ali55
    ali55 ·

    Congrats to everyone!! awesome shots :)

  56. takezzo
    takezzo ·

    congrats to the winners. they all look great and very creative!!

  57. myvitaminx
    myvitaminx ·

    congrazt to all!have a great trip to HQ

  58. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    No photos from @lawypop? :(
    Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy the trip! :)

  59. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    congrats to the winners.

  60. 3xposur3
    3xposur3 ·

    Congrats to All!

  61. cocaneonkamerasutra
    cocaneonkamerasutra ·

    congrats guys! such a cool ideas!

  62. mateja
    mateja ·

    Congarst to all!! Really great photos!

  63. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    congrats winners, and thanks for the 50 piggies! never thought my sucky drawing skills could get me anything!
    unexpected winning pics though, and like a few others I think I was expecting to see something else for the top winners, since you asked us to bring all the creativity we've got. ah well. next time!

  64. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    ps. do us highly commended people get any award badges? :) I could use one. thanks again!

  65. carolinac
    carolinac ·

    awesome pictures!

  66. aprilia
    aprilia ·

    Woah..... Congrats y'all! Beautiful shots indeed!

  67. jorgesato
    jorgesato ·

    Woww, so nice!!! I'm still shocked!!! :) really thanks Lomography and congrats to all fellow lomographers!!. Lomo on.

  68. lomographyparis
    lomographyparis ·

    The first Picture is totally amazing!!!

  69. tsingtao
    tsingtao ·

    and the 5 piggies for all who submitted a photo???

  70. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @tsingtao - yes don't worry the 5 piggies will be awarded soon, sorry you havent already got them :-)

  71. bboysherman
    bboysherman ·

    dope, great job !!! congrats

  72. domemerson
    domemerson ·

    Congrats U all.

  73. escudero
    escudero ·

    Congratulations amazing photos!

  74. dhuffone
    dhuffone ·

    Word to the winners! Yall have fun! :-)

  75. arii
    arii ·

    congrats for all the winners

  76. tsingtao
    tsingtao ·

    @tomas_bates ok oK!!

  77. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    congrats to all the winners!! im sad >.<

  78. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    im sad too! won't use multilens cameras for big competitions next time. congratz everyone!

  79. marthasmarvels
    marthasmarvels ·

    sorry to be a pain but do we know when we get the 5 piggies for entering? Sorry to ask but I only have 12 hours left on my piggies - oops!

  80. laiba
    laiba ·

    congraaats!! great ideas and pictures!

  81. delworth
    delworth ·

    Love the winners' shots; love the piggies for being just one of hundreds of equally worthy photos; love that I also got to buy some Lomo party supplies with that fisheye case; and love to all who enter these harmless, incredibly unimportant, but satisfying competitions.

  82. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    Congrats to everyone :D

  83. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @All - 5 Piggies have now been awarded to everyone who entered the rumble :-)

  84. squamy
    squamy ·

    Congrats everyone! Thanks for the 5 piggies. Such a great competition and high standard of entries,must have been a tricky one to judge! Enjoy your trips to the lomo capital you lucky lucky people! :D

  85. creative_epi
    creative_epi ·

    congratulations all xx

  86. ocit
    ocit ·

    congrats all,
    and thanks for 5 piggies :))

  87. domyblue
    domyblue ·

    Congrats to the winners! All wonderful lomos :)

  88. kamilou
    kamilou ·

    Congrats to the winners, and to all the participants! I confess, I didn't even try, knowing that many more skilled, experienced and gifted lomographers than I am as a newbie would scratch themselves to make it on this rumble :)
    I'm waiting for the pictures of the trip to Vienna! With those guys, it won't be sad... :D

  89. dogma
    dogma ·

    Congrats guys!

  90. zulaikha-zulkifli
    zulaikha-zulkifli ·

    Congrats to all! =)

  91. francesco1
    francesco1 ·


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