That's the Diana World Tour Tram Party!

Tramways are an institution, a symbol of Milan. Trams are fascinating means of transport and we found the idea of having a party on one of them electrifying. So we immediately phoned and booked! We made the checklists, selected the music, and organized every detail until, half an hour before the start, panic spread among the organizers. But let our Big Boss (by the way, he is called Mattia) tell this nail-biting story – of course with a happy ending, as usual…

7h45 I take a taxi to the tram depot located in the Baggio neighbourhood (the tram leaves at 8.00 AM)
7h46 I phone the ATM, Milan’s public transport company, to say I am coming (I omit to say that I will surely be late)
7h47 Someone finally answers my calls and tells me that no tram…is scheduled to leave. I yell something and run back to the shop (first heart attack)
7h48 I check the e-mail and the contract. Date and time are correct! I call back.
7h50 (Meanwhile, 20 people have arrived and the staff is unaware of what is going on) I phone ATM again and yell some more. They put me through someone else.
7h54 ATM calls me back. They tell me they haven’t understood a thing (you don’t say!)
7h58 I serve Pimm’s to my honoured and unaware guests.
7h59 They inform me that there has been a misunderstanding and that the tram is now ready. I shall go to the depot; they are waiting for me there.
8h03 I take a taxi to Baggio from Via Mercato 1
8h04 ATM informs me that the tram has already left and that we should wait for it in Piazza Castello in about half an hour. I get out of the taxi in Via Ponte Vetero 9.

Photos shot with Lomo LC-A

Then, we finally get there!
All’s well what ends well. The party begins with unbridled flashes and booze disguised as respectable drinks.
We meet in the lounge of the Lomography Gallery Store in Brera to warm up and prepare the ‘fuel’ for the night and then off we go – a tram is waiting for us in Piazza Castello!
On your marks, set, go! We really enjoy this trip through the city on a means that we might as well use often, but which we have never experienced in this way.

Everyone shoots the most inspiring sights with their favourite camera, but the Diana F+ is the Queen of the night. Someone shoots close-ups of any sign that stands in the way with the Fisheye, someone else observes a newly met friend’s Futterwacken and takes shots of his daredevil stunts, while instax aficionados snap non-stop… Here are a few examples just to give you an idea…

Photos shot with Diana F+ and Instant Back

After a stopover in Piazza Fontana, were the craze of ‘Photograph me while I’m driving the tram!’ spreads through the party, the round continues until the Lomographic seat, but the party is not over. Music, Pimm’s, beer and a shower of flashes lighten up the night and leave us with a glorious feeling of lightness. This is sheer happiness!

Have a taste of our shots and relive this exciting party with us!

Photos shot with Fisheye

PS. Special thanks to Claudio, our tram driver!

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translated by alessiab

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