Film Lab Rats Presents - Film Murder Most Horrid!


Murder She Wrote… But Film Just Won’t Die!

Murder She Wrote… But Film Just Won’t Die!

As an avid follower of our Film/Lab/Rats episodes, by now you know that our relationship with film is risky and experimental. We’ve chewed it, set it on fire, rubbed various chemicals in it … and it just keeps surprising us with distorted, artsy-fartsy results. Film just won’t quit, yes, and we won’t quit either. We’ll keep on doing whatever it takes to see how much it can take and what effects it can make!

The Do or Die Endurance Test

Smash! Stomp! Whack! Ouch … what a cruel, cruel thing to do with such a delicate item. But if you’re looking for cool, distorted effects, do it like we did it – we took some pictures, developed the film, and hammered the negative with a camera.

Buried Alive

Tie it up and then bury it deep into the ground. Forget about it in 4 weeks, and what do you get? Follow the step-by-step instructions to this soily experiment!

Drug Cocktail Overdose

A mixture of substances and a roll of film. Sounds pretty lethal, and it is – imagine your images washed and blotched with strange drips and splotches. Are you ready? Click the link below for the details!

Last Cut: “AGFA APX 400” boxes – deadstock but not dead

Discontinued in 2005, Agfa APX 400 B&W film has long been a firm favourite amongst Lomographers with a penchant for film noir. Our Deadstock hunters found this classic emulsion masquerading in Rollei Retro 400 clothing and felt compelled to bring it back into the light. Renowned for its excellent tonality and super-smooth grain – it is ideal for enlargements. Details are sharp, with an even contrast and most distinctively you will notice that lucid APX atmosphere. With a speed of ISO 400, you can be sure of superior quality no matter the light condition. This sought-after emulsion is hand-numbered and packed in a Lomography box specially designed to pay tribute to this memorable moment – your last chance to experience this B&W Agfa classic. Only 2,000 boxes of this vintage emulsion are available. Get your stash before it‘s too late!


Lab Rats Step Up!

The search for Film Lab Rat recruits is still ongoing. We’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas from our talented community, so send in your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to and get 20 piggies if your entries are chosen!

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    From ignorance, lead me to truth;
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    From death, lead me to immortality
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