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My favorite Spot to Get Some Sun in Porec


Do you ever think about having a favorite spot to get a tan? I didn’t, until I moved to this house six years ago and I discovered my little spot, in Porec, Croatia.

This is the best spot because the sun comes indirectly to my face and I don’t burn my skin, and the house’s location is exactly where the wind blows just as it should so it isn’t cold. So I asked myself why not share some pictures with you to show my wonderland.

Of course, in the winter it’s not possible to lounge around outside because it gets really cold, and that’s why I can’t wait for spring or summer. I have a really beautiful view from my spot, I can see a lot of different things, like a cherry tree, beautiful sunsets, flowers, and I can even see the sea from there, because I live near the beach. One of the cutest things I can see is my little dog hunting bugs and barking like crazy for no reason.

I wish everyone good luck in finding a perfect spot to relax and have a good time!

written by eatclicklove on 2011-05-01 #places #sunset #flowers #sun #porec #croatia #house #location #personal-story

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