Kodachrome 200 Lomo Style

I got a really expired roll of ancient Kodachrome 200 last year for cheap (Kodachrome was going for a lot of dough, as everybody wanted to shoot some before development stopped, even if expired) and decided to shoot it the lomo style and see want kind of wacky slides I’d get!

The most Lomo way to shoot is to use real LOMO glass. What better than the Triplet lens of the venerable Smena 8M and the Minitar of the LC-A for this special roll? So this is exactly what I did, I shot a bunch of images in Germany in my 8M but didn’t finished roll. I was going to fly to Greece on vacation, but the 8M wasn’t one of the cameras I was going to take along, but I also wanted to finish the roll immediately and have processed! So, I did a small roll transplantation; after rewinding it, I took it from the 8M and put it in the LC-A. I wound forward for as many shots as the crazy counter of the 8M told me to, knowing some of the frames will be off and get some double exposures. But it was ok. That is the lomo way.

So, after returning to Germany, I sent the roll off with its 64 and 25 ISO Kodachrome friends on its long journey over the pond. I was quite surprised how fast it went until I had my slides back! Due to the double exposures overlapping, they did not cut and frame the film, which is exactly what any sensible lab would have done, so I got to decide how I wanted my roll cut!

I shot the roll at 200 ISO, because I heard Kodachrome would be somewhat stable and I wanted to exploit that to help the relatively slow Triplet. Normally, I think rumors are really bad advice and it was also the case here. I should have probably given one stop more. However, I am still very pleased with the results and even more glad I got a roll of this deadstock film (Kodachrome 200 was discontinued 2006).
Oh, and it scanned fine, I have no idea why others have such trouble with it :)

written by cyan-shine on 2011-04-28 #gear #slide #expired #deadstock #review #era #kodak #k-14 #user-review

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