Lomography CN 400 (120)


Regardless of what and where you are going to be shooting, the Lomography Color Negative 400 is the perfect, reasonably priced color negative film for you. Especially landscapes and other outdoors shots come out great with this film.

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The Lomography Color Negative 400 is perfect for various reasons. The price is not unreasonable compared to a whole lot of other films, and yet the results are great. The colors are vivid yet still nice and soft and the film is great for especially some beautiful landscape shots on sunny days. I shot my first roll of Lomography CN 400 with my Holga CFN on a sunny day in December on a frozen lake, with all the trees by the shores white with frost. The pictures came out better than I expected. The film captured the blues and the whites very well, and the dreamy atmosphere of the place was definitely captured on the shots. Same with my next roll, shot with the Diana F+.

Credits: yeahyeahyeahh

The Lomography CN 400 is definitely best for outdoor shooting, but works indoors, too. I shot some frames at a bar and other poorly lit places, and with a flash the shots came out nice. I’m sure the film works fine without a flash as long as there is some sunlight present in the room, but with bad or poor lighting I wouldn’t recommend shooting without flash just to make sure.

Credits: yeahyeahyeahh

The one con I have discovered with this film is the way the negatives curve and twist when scanning using a flatbed scanner. So if you scan your negatives yourself, be prepared to fight with the film a bit before it’s in the negative holders the way you want it to. I’ve scanned worse films too though, so I don’t consider this a major con. Just letting you know.

Lomography CN 400 film in medium format is a great film for outdoor shooting regardless of the weather conditions. It captures sunny days and the blue sky perfectly, and you won’t be disappointed with the landscape shots you get with this film. It works indoors as well, as long as you use a flash when the lighting in the room is not the best possible. The price is reasonable, too, so the film is definitely a good buy.

written by yeahyeahyeahh on 2011-04-28 #gear #review #user-review #film-lomography-cn-400-medium-format-film-120-color-negative

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