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To re-live a moment through a fixed image – This is the principle of photography. But when you experience the moment through music or a perpetual movement, the game gets more complicated. Your imagination and your passion for the music breathes life into the photos you create – What you capture on film turn these fractions of seconds into a melody as real as the musical notes you listen too….Your film is your partition!

Credits: zenline

To combine my passion for analogue photography with my passion for music is, for me, an awakening of the senses, a mixture of indescribable feelings. In my first article Music is analogue,
I shared with you my opinions on the technical side of music photography – Today, I wish to speak to you about the emotional side, about why music and analogue photos are so closely tied to one another.

Because, if there’s one word which perfectly defines a good concert photo, it’s this one – Emotion. To be emotionally connected to and engaged with what we photograph is what gives life to our pictures and what means that the lived moment will be authentically captured on film – Not only will you shoot what you see but also what you feel through the music. Analogue photography captures the surreal and dreamlike images that are in our minds. Every grain of film is the tangible reflection of a musical note – Every photo you take will remind you of a song, a strong moment which the artists have shared with their public.

Credits: zenline

In my opinion, to understand the spirit of the artists, to love their music, is essential to being able to capture musical moments with authenticity. I’ve noticed that most professional photographers know the technique perfectly and have state-of-the-art equipment – But only a few of them know and like the musical universe of the artists they photograph. I think that a concert photo will only be the real reflection of the moment if the musical passion feeds and livens the release of the camera shutter.

Credits: zenline

One day, an artist, passionate about analogue photography and a very talented photographer himself, noticed the spirit of my first photos made during a concert of his group and invited me to do it again. For me, his words were the most beautiful compliment that have been made on my photos and a few months later (and having crossed approximately 1000 km!) I was lucky enough to attend one of their concerts again – and to be able to photograph them too! This concert was a moment full of strong feelings – no words can really describe what I felt. And after developing my photos (it took numerous days, the wait was torturous!!) I re-lived the intense emotion I had felt at the concert again – It was as if the photos transported me back to this fantastic concert hall.

Credits: zenline

Other groups have strongly touched me too and I’m sure there will be heaps of the others in the future – The summer is here and loads of festivals are coming up offering a multitude of unforgettable moments. For me, July promises to be strong in musical feelings (I’m going to Les Nuits Carrées and Crazy Week, among others ) and I promise to share all these feelings with you in photos! Wherever you are, in every place on the globe, the music is everywhere – So take your cameras with you and write your own analogue stories!

But don’t forget these points when attending concerts with your camera:

  • The flash is often banned.
  • Don’t hamper the other spectators with your photo-taking.


The bands which are present on these photos are :

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    Very nice work. These are good...look at the photo...hear the music

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