Downtown Cheras : A Shopping Haven

Looking for cheap items? Why don’t you just head on to Downtown Cheras Kuala Lumpur? A night market heaven so unlike others. It offers you a wide range of products and foods.

Downtown Cheras is a night market, one of the biggest attractions in Kuala Lumpur. It offers you plenty of stuff to choose from ranging from food, shirts, jeans etc. And the price? They are all pretty cheap. It’s like a shopping haven here for those who have a tight budget like me. :)

So how to get there? From Kuala Lumpur via Jalan Loke Yew. Head towards Cheras but u-turn back towards Taman Midah at the MRR2 interchange. After Taman Midah, turn left into Jalan Yaacob Latiff and you will see the KL Velodrome car park on the right. (credit to:

It’s basically a pretty big night market – with hundreds of shops selling lots of things – toys, shoes, jerseys you name it. A short reminder to all of you, make sure you’re not tired before you head to this downtown shopping mecca as there are lots of attractive stalls and it’s pretty hard to get parking there. Sometimes you have to walk a bit as you have to walk further than usual. But if you’re tired, you can try the foot massage there. Surely worth it. Have fun guys! :)

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