Digital Snobness to Analogue Lovin'


What made me change my mind about the Lomographic Society…

Two years ago, I encountered the Diana, a funky trendy lookin’ camera. My friend had currently been gifted it for her birthday and brought it to University. I was amazed by the design and the price. The price had really stumped me, $99 + for the plastic camera with a plastic flash. I thought to myself, for that much I could purchase a solid made SLR from eBay, an Olympus Pen EE or something retro and something that might last longer.

A year later, I become the proud owner of a Canon 5D Mark II w/ 24-70mm lens. Essentially my baby, I protect it, give it shelter.. and then I shoot it.

Two years later, I have a shopping trolley worth $900 + of Lomography plastics, including two Dianas, a Perfekt, a Spinner and various accessories to accommodate them all.

What changed my mind?

The experience. The results.

(and my girlfriend loves the Diana)

Nothing can replicate the experience from using such a fun camera. It really is fun, its experimental and being a primary school science buff.. I love experiments ! Sure, you cant achieve pin point sharpness but that’s part of it. That’s whats awesome about it. Life isn’t pin point, Life isn’t one straight path. You get jagged edges, you get blurriness, you get surprised. Lomography cameras can capture life like nothing else. It has this nostalgia that no other camera can achieve.

I also develop my own film, which is also part of the experience, chucking slide film into c-41 juice and seeing the unpredictable results, that’s what I love about it. Especially in this day of instant gratification, its fun to be surprised, I mean, who doesn’t like a surprise?

So I’m speaking to all those DSLR buffs, that show off their ‘professional’ camera whenever possible. Put your ego aside, embrace Lomography with an open mind and open hands. Sure, the DSLR is capable of producing amazing results, and boy can they be amazing. But sometimes you have to experience the opposite spectrum, be amazed at the defects that add character and personality to your photograph, without any stupid levels adjustments.


PS. Lomography makes friends, it brings people together of the same interest. This is why people are loyal to Lomo. You can still shoot DSLR, rest assured.

written by kwokstar on 2011-06-10 #lifestyle

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  1. bass_clarinet_2000
    bass_clarinet_2000 ·

    I have an Olympus e420. I love my digital camera the same as I love my lomo cameras. I do carry my digital camera with me wherever I go. I just don't like the, "OH NOES! IT USES FILMZORZ?!??!!?!?!!11!111!11?/11/?!/1/1onequestionmark." Just something about the surprise that films gives just makes me love lomography. I always have film in at least one of my film cameras and I always have a plastic camera in the same back as my Olympus. Love them both. Those snobby digital users should just give a Diana a chance.

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