Ulupo Heiau: Ancient Hawaiian Temple

Part of the state’s extensive history, a “Heiau” is a temple built by the Hawaiians of old where various ceremonies were held. Ceremonies can range from asking the Hawaiian gods to bring rain to making human sacrifices. This particular Heiau is a popular tourist destination due to its easy access. If you come to Hawaii, this is one of the must-see locations.

Thinking of coming to Hawaii and want to see more than just the beautiful beaches? You should go visit the Ulupo Heiau!

This particular Heiau consists of about a hundred cubic feet of lava rock and other stones. This massive structure was hand built by native Hawaiians. The way the Heiau was built was that there would be a long line of people who would pass the rocks from the primitive version of a quarry to the site where the Heiau was being built. This would sometimes stretch over miles of hills and mountains.

Heiaus were used as temples by the Hawaiians and are considered as holy ground as can be partially seen in the sign above which reads “Sacred grounds, please do not remove stones” .

Because things such as human sacrifices were conducted on the grounds and due to the supernatural use of the temple, local lore says that the area is cursed. Local legend says that if you take a rock from the site then you will be haunted by Night-Marchers – spirits with eyes that will strike you dead if you they look at you.

So if you are a tourist looking to see an amazing feat of human architecture or looking for the thrill of visiting a haunted temple, you should go and visit the Ulupo Heiau.

A visit to the Heiau is free 24/7. It can be found behind the Windward YMCA.

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