Grand Metro Auto Fest 2010


The Grand Metro Auto Fest presented by the Girl Racers Club, Monster Radio RX 93.1, Slimmers World, and Xenon Bulbs was held at the Megatent Hall, Ortigas Center on Sept. 11, 2010. There was also an Inter-Collegiate Streetdance Competition held at the event. This is probably the fourth Grand Metro Auto Fest while the streetdance competition is on its ninth year.

Just to make it clear, I go to car shows not only for the girls but also (and truly) for the cars. It was my first time to go to the Grand Metro Auto Fest. I was intrigued that it could be different from the usual car shows with the Girl Racers Club as one of the hosts. But, it wasn’t so different. It’s like any other car show I’ve been to although they served The Bar in three flavors – free-flowing at the entrance. I am so easy to please.

I am unsure what kind or type of cars they meant to exhibit, but most of the models that I saw are pimped or customized. Some were even what I know as “Itasha”.

Itasha is designing your car with anime, manga, or video game characters.

Here’s the stage for the dance competition among colleges and universities. The college I studied in, Mapua Tech, was one of the competitors.

Sad to say, I was disappointed by the lack of girl models. None of my fave car show models were there.

On the right picture is my friend Marco. I slipped as soon as I stepped onto that stage. My feet could be too big for that space or I was just really clumsy.

The Grand Metro Auto Fest may not be at par with the other car shows I’ve been to (or could be just last year’s), but the drinks and dancing were entertaining. Should there be one this year, I hope they choose a better venue. Someplace that can accommodate their target number of cars to exhibit. The place was too cramped that it was even hard to take pictures. The car show’s not too bad if you are into pimping or customizing automobiles. You can get ideas on how to design your own and even meet exhibitors that could provide customization services.

View all my pictures from this car show here:

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