The Unused IV Mental Hospital of Berlin-Buch


Built as a lunatic asylum and later modified to be used as a clinical facility it is now empty, waiting for a new use. Until then, everything waits in a morbid slumber.

The complex, located on Wiltbergstraße in Berlin-Buch, was designed and built as a lunatic asylum almost 100 years ago (1912-1914). However, through different historical events (including the First World War), it was never updated.

After being used as a field hospital, a children’s clinic, and ultimately as a Medical Center for Buch, it still stands on its grounds with more than thirty buildings, mostly empty for some time. But compared to Beelitz Sanatorium, the former clinical center is still to a large extent, intact and in a good (structural) condition without large amounts of damage from vandalism. The buildings are locked and thus, not accessible. Nevertheless, there are plenty of interesting subjects: old greenhouses, fairytale fountains, sculptures in the form of fat children and more. The ravages of time gnaws away everything as the flora becomes overgrown little by little: all these result to a very morbid mood with a slight creepy factor.

Wiltbergstr. 50, 13125 Berlin-Buch
By car or S2 to the Berlin-Buch station
The area is controlled by security guards. So long as you are unobtrusively moving and make no crap, it is not a problem.
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  1. permafrost
    permafrost ·

    this is seriously creepy :D

  2. shellyotoole
    shellyotoole ·

    i wanna see more photos of this place!

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