Agfa Vista 200: Without Fear to be Pushed


Putting your hands on a new film cassette it’s always exciting, especially if it is some film you’ve never tried before. But at the moment of set the camera the doubt arises…What if I push it? Luckily, in this case, I had a happy ending.

Some time ago I read on a review about the Agfa Vista 100 and Agfa Vista 400 films, and about the good results they get, specially the intensity of the blues. Unluckily, in my town (and in my country) the remaining photo labs and stores don’t offer a wide variety of films, so you must resign to what they got or buy abroad (or visit the Lomography store in Santiago). It was a nice surprise when I stumble upon a few Agfa Vista 200 on sale. I bought them without a doubt to check the wonders I have read.

When it was time to set my camera a hesitation came: What if I push it? Never read anything about before and I love to try new things, so I set the ISO at 800 on my Olympus XA.

The results were totally unexpected! The pictures were tinged with an intense yellow without losing their sharpness, so I was pretty happy with the results. Of course to get it developed I must disguise the film the way “Iaki” suggest we do when facing a problematic lab. Now, I want to find more of this film to keep experimenting! And to check out the results shot on the intended ISO.

written by regina_falangi on 2011-05-30 #gear #film #agfa #review #slide-film #yellow #lomography #pushed #agfa-vista-200 #film-photography


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  1. pzjo
    pzjo ·

    love to get hold of some of this

  2. michell
    michell ·

    Great experiment and results! I would like to see "laki"'s suggestions though? Got a link?

  3. regina_falangi
    regina_falangi ·

    unfortunally the article is in spanish, maybe i can traslate later…

  4. michell
    michell ·

    Please do! google translate doesn't make any sense!!! :) -I do like how it translate "el señor" to "THE LORD" though! God works in mysterious ways. -in a photo-lab!!! ;)

  5. le_ors
    le_ors ·

    Geniales fotos :D
    ojalá aquí se consiguiera Agfa... aquí sólo llega una variedad de Kodak y una de Fuji.

  6. philtreefrog
    philtreefrog ·

    Great review thank you. Just starting out and managed to get 90 rolls for £9
    Can I ask, when you sent for developing, did they develop at 800 or 200? Only ask as I fancy having a go at this and I'm not sure what to tell the lab.

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