Potsdam: A Piece of Culture


In early January 2011 I bought a Diana F + Edelweiss.
This is a short report on a piece of Potsdam and shooting my second film, Lomography Color Negative 800

My first pinhole attempt.

In the springtime, my wife and I, as well as my Diana F+ Edelweiss loaded with Lomography Color Negative 800 headed towards Schiffbauergasse in Potsdam.

The Schiffbauergasse is located on the banks of the Tiefen Sea. Here, hussars once drilled and fish were bred. On this same spot of earth, in recent years, has developed a new piece of culture. When driving from the direction of Babelsberg over the Humboldt Bridge, in the distance, you can see the newly built Hans Otto Theatre, with its extravagant curved roof.

Culture, art, and technology are combine in these 12 hectares. The newly-constructed riverside park developed among other things, a marina and a ferry landing for the water taxi. To rest and relax, there are many benches and a spectacular view, including for example, Flatow Tower in the Babelsberg Palace Garden.

Credits: caroni

People who are hungry can eat on a restaurant ship or at a former royal chicory.

Credits: caroni

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